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virtual office space (VOP)

Both mobile professionals and home-based businesses face challenges unique in comparison to other businesses. While the business of being mobile or working from home obviously offers its advantages, especially in terms of low overhead and flexibility, individuals who work in this capacity must be diversified in facing the unavoidable business challenges of clients telephoning, sending business mail, meeting with clients, and how these work practices project a professional image and edge in today's markets.

Clients telephoning, mailing to you, or meeting you at your home or cell phone inhibits the development of a professional appearance in today's very competitive markets. Furthermore, routing incoming calls while you are unavailable into a cell phone voicemail as a solution to cutting staffing costs might possibly send the wrong message to your clients that you are mostly unavailable and you are cutting costs at their expense. Nonetheless, the cost of either owning or renting a full-time traditional office with employee expenses may be prohibitive and unpractical for many mobile or home-based entrepreneurs who just want to keep costs down.

At Executive Offices we have the solution. Starting at just $150 per month with a one-time setup fee of $150Executive Offices virtual office tenants never worry about these challenges. Our virtual office tenants are "virtually" indistinguishable from our full-time tenants and your clients will never know any different. Furthermore, aside from the absence of a permanent full-time office, our virtual office tenants share all the same benefits and features our full time tenants share --but at a substantial savings.

As an Executive Office VOP tenant your business telephone line will always be answered professionally in your company's name by our full-time staff. Your visiting clients will experience an impressive welcoming lobby staffed and greeted by our full-time receptionists on duty for the purpose of assisting visitors -- all as a function of your VOP office package. You may also choose to have your telephone calls forwarded, have your mail forwarded, reserve conference rooms or a private meeting room at any time.

The Virtual Office Plan at Executive Offices offers state-of-the-art amenities, professional services and a professional address for a fraction of the cost of a traditional office. You can hold meetings, receive mail and messages, and conduct business with all the advantages of a private office. This is an unbeatable low-risk solution to lowering your business overhead.

Starting at just $150/month with a $150 one-time setup fee (you may add optional services as well), VOP "tenants" receive:

  • A Business Address
  • Mail Receipt (mail forwarding/handling at cost is available optionally)
  • Telephone Answering during business hours
  • Unique phone number (additional numbers are optionally available)
  • Access to state-of-the art fully equipped large and small conference rooms
  • 24-hour voicemail access (with optional multiple voice mailboxes for your company)
  • Advertisement of your company and your company's website in our directory listings
  • A website starting at just $350 per year (these rates are available only to Executive Office tenants as an optional service)
 image 1
Conference Room A
 image 2
Conference Room B

Our Conference rooms are available to our VOP clients and are fully equipped with a full array of audiovisual equipment for our tenants' use at any time by reservation.


Call us today at (860) 349-7000 to discuss our virtual office package and how we can help you project that professional image you have been looking for at a price you can afford.